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Network Security Policy Management Made Easier

Eliminate boundaries in network security policy management. Analyze, optimize, automate & audit your security policies easily

Helps Build Organizational Capabilities

As opposed to incumbent technologies, the intelligent and lightweight Opinnate platform makes automated network security policy management attainable for enterprises of all sizes.


Endless Use Cases That Ease Your Life

We offer numerous benefits that can help organizations improve their security posture, streamline operations, and comply with regulatory requirements.

Compliance and Firewall Audits

Every enterprise must keep their firewalls compliant to best practices and standards.

Firewall Rule Optimization

Rule optimization stands as a vital aspect in the maintenance and management of firewalls.

Policy Change Automation

Policy change automation becomes necessary when multiple firewalls, each from different vendors, are in place and there is a high volume of policy change requests.

Firewall Policy Management

In multi-vendor topologies the firewall policies may not be centrally managed since each vendor has its own management system.

Risk Assessment

Risk assessment is a needed activity that must be done regularly to see the overall status of the environment.

Agility In Business

Agility in business means organization’s ability to take quick and effective actions to respond to changes in business environment.

Multi-Domain Management

In big corporations and MSSPs there are different divisions, subsidiaries or companies having separate system, network and needs.

User-Aware Policy Management

User-aware firewall policy management is an effective way for organizations to improve their security posture and gain greater control over user access to network resources and applications.

Are you truly redirecting the effort you have gained from policy management towards other security-related topics?

Opinnate‘s user-friendly UI allows you to redirect the effort gained through our system towards other security topics, rather than focusing on our solution itself.

Integration with leading vendors

Choose product Edition
matching your needs

Lite Edition

Basic edition that makes policy analysis and reporting easy


Standard Edition

The edition that also makes rule clean-up and optimization automatically.


Enterprise Edition

End-to-end needs on policy management. From analysis to zero-touch automation.

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