Risk Assessment


Risk assessment is a needed activity that must be done regularly to see the overall status of the environment.

This assessment is an important process that is used to identify potential risks or hazards in a particular situation or activity, and to evaluate the likelihood and potential consequences of those risks.

There are several reasons why it is important to conduct a risk assessment.

These may include preventing accidents and injuries, compliance with regulations, reputation, etc.

risk assessment
risk assessment

As to firewall risk assessment, it is a process of evaluating the effectiveness of an organization’s firewall security measures.

firewall risk assessment involves evaluating the firewall’s configuration, rules, and policies to determine if they are appropriately configured and maintained to protect the organization’s network from external threats.

The goal of a firewall risk assessment is to identify potential weaknesses in the firewall security measures and recommend steps to improve the security of the organization’s network.

Opinnate is making firewall risk assessment based on industry best practices that covers topics such as permissiveness level of a rule, cluster usage, IPS usage etc. Detailed items are listed as a category of subjects as following:

  • Permissiveness level of the rule
  • Perimeter access rules
  • Logging status of the firewall and each rule
  • Unsafe service access
  • Corporate policy conflict
  • Cluster status of firewall
  • Usage of rule or object
  • IPS usage

Real time investigations of these items all the time will give real time risk status that can be seen on system dashboards all time and can be acted accordingly. Also, risk assessment reports per firewall or system wise be generated to make further analysis.

risk assessment

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Lite Edition

Basic edition that makes policy analysis and reporting easy


Standard Edition

The edition that also makes rule clean-up and optimization automatically.


Enterprise Edition

End-to-end needs on policy management. From analysis to zero-touch automation.

Why Opinnate?

What are the differences?

  • All-in-one policy management 
  • No need for a management product from any firewall vendor
  • More use case scenarios for real needs  
  • Short deployment and enablement

Why are these good for you?

  • Lower TCO  
  • A comprehensive but simpler-to-use solution  
  • Less dependency to tools (Firewall management consoles, firewall analyzer)
  • Less resource usage