Why Opinnate


Ever increasing cyber security threats and new business demands require firewall policies to be constantly updated and reviewed.

In many organizations, operational teams try to keep up with a huge flow of new policy request tickets. Manual handling of this process is simply not attainable. Automating firewall policy management is the clear choice, yet the automation solutions that are available in the market today come with many dependencies, such as intrusive and lengthy deployments, technological prerequisites and highly skilled IT personnel.

Opinnate automates firewall policy management removing all dependencies in no time. With Opinnate automated policy management becomes an organizational capability whereby the employee turnover becomes a marginal hurdle. Error driven network outages are avoided. Above all, business demands are met swiftly without compromising on risk of cyber-attacks.

Regardless of how large or small your organization is, Opinnate frees up your and your teams’ time, and make sure that you dedicate your time to strategic initiatives and advanced security issues.


End-to-End Policy Management for Large On-premise, Cloud, and Hybrid Networks

Opinnate addresses the needs of large enterprises with operational efficiency in mind.

NSPM Made Accessible to SMEs

Opinnate removes budget and operational limitations for SMEs and their managed service providers in achieving policy management automation.

NSPM and Beyond

Opinnate goes beyond NSPM and offers configuration backup and license tracking features.

Significantly Minimised Resource Requirements

Opinnate requires 90% less storage and computing resources.

Smart NSPM

  • Server Cloning Across Different Domains
  • Automated Rule Approval/Rejection Process
  • User, Application and FQDN Based Policy Management
  • Intrinsic Compliance Features
  • Built-in Opinnate Service Desk
  • Zero-trust and micro segmentation features
  • Integrate DevOps in policy management.

Why Opinnate?

What are the differences?

  • All-in-one policy management 
  • No need for a management product from any firewall vendor
  • More use case scenarios for real needs  
  • Short deployment and enablement

Why are these good for you?

  • Lower TCO  
  • A comprehensive but simpler-to-use solution  
  • Less dependency to tools (Firewall management consoles, firewall analyzer)
  • Less resource usage

Choose product package
matching your needs

Lite Package

Basic package that makes policy analysis and reporting easy

Standard Package

The package that also makes rule clean-up and optimization automatically.

Enterprise Package

End-to-end needs on policy management. From analysis to zero-touch automation.