Automatically Manage Group-based Policies


Group based policies not complicated anymore

Installing new servers on new networks is generally a nightmare for IT teams. New polices should be defined on the firewalls for all the new servers with the new IP subnet. The process of submitting requests, completing requests, testing the policies, submitting requests for missing polices and testing the policies is repetitive and long. The presence of servers such as active directory servers, antivirus servers, monitoring servers and management servers need access to all servers complicates the policy requests. It is not rare that it takes weeks to put the new server in production.

Functional grouping of firewall rules eliminates repetitive approvals and consequential operations. When a new server is commissioned, going through approvals and operations to enable rules for common requirements, such as antivirus and monitoring, are a waste of time. There is also a security risk until security services are installed.

Opinnate makes organizations agile by automating the process of grouping applications and servers with the same access needs and handling new policy requirements seamlessly.

Why Opinnate?

What are the differences?

  • All-in-one policy management 
  • No need for a management product from any firewall vendor
  • More use case scenarios for real needs  
  • Short deployment and enablement

Why are these good for you?

  • Lower TCO  
  • A comprehensive but simpler-to-use solution  
  • Less dependency to tools (Firewall management consoles, firewall analyzer)
  • Less resource usage

Choose product Edition
matching your needs

Lite Edition

Basic edition that makes policy analysis and reporting easy


Standard Edition

The edition that also makes rule clean-up and optimization automatically.


Enterprise Edition

End-to-end needs on policy management. From analysis to zero-touch automation.