Agility in Business


Agility in business means organization’s ability to take quick and effective actions to respond to changes in business environment.

Market conditions and customer needs may change and organizations that adapt to these changes effectively and quickly are agile ones.

They are also quite flexible to make consecutive changes without major problem. The ability to respond quickly to changes in the market, customer needs, or competitive pressures can give an organization a competitive advantage and can help to ensure its long-term success.

There are several characteristics that agile companies have in their DNA like flexibility, speed, innovation, collaboration and being customer-centric. These characteristics must be the same in any part of the organization including IT and security teams. To be agile in security, the teams must adopt to business expectations like being flexible and quick.

We are not living in a world where people need to wait for a policy change activation on a firewall for days or weeks.

It was a tendency coming from the previous decade, but like everything else this must also change. It will not be acceptable a delayed time due to firewall policy change windows in making a new product live. 

Compliance an firewall audits

Firewall policy change process must be smooth and automated process. It can be integrated with CI/CD pipelines to make development process more efficient to make development processes even more effective and quick.

Opinnate addresses agility in business by making policy change automation in several different ways. Standard policy change requests, IP access cloning or group-based policy change requests are realities of IT environment, and an agile network policy management system must address these needs efficiently.

Opinnate addresses all these request types in an easy and adoptable manner with a user-friendly UI.

Choose product package
matching your needs

Lite Package

Basic package that makes policy analysis and reporting easy

Standard Package

The package that also makes rule clean-up and optimization automatically.

Enterprise Package

End-to-end needs on policy management. From analysis to zero-touch automation.

Why Opinnate?

What are the differences?

  • All-in-one policy management 
  • No need for a management product from any firewall vendor
  • More use case scenarios for real needs  
  • Short deployment and enablement

Why are these good for you?

  • Lower TCO  
  • A comprehensive but simpler-to-use solution  
  • Less dependency to tools (Firewall management consoles, firewall analyzer)
  • Less resource usage